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Automatic Error Correction

CSV files generated by SQL Databases often contain errors and variance in syntax. This is due to the lack of a single, official specification for CSV as well as the SQL implementation of the file export feature itself. The sheer size of files generated by databases makes manual correction of these files completely impractical. CSV Studio provides an automatic correction mechanism that is visually verifiable by the user. Without writing regular expressions or scripts, you can immediately perform and verify corrections on a file.

Step by step

flag errors

CSV Studio is powered by a fast and robust parser written in Java. This parser will flag errors and warnings while it processes the CSV file selected by the user.

flag errors

Different types of issues will be highlighted in the tabular visualization. In some cases it will be necessary to look at the detail panel and the raw content tab to understand what syntax error in the original file is causing the issue.

flag errors

Once the file is processed, CSV Studio can display the data as a table inside a browser like Chrome or Firefox. Using the error summary panel, and the user can jump to any location in the file to take a closer look.

flag errors

For each error the user can choose a suggested change to fix the CSV syntax and visualize the result. CSV Studio proposes fixes for the most common errors encountered in files produced by SQL databases. The smart parser will seek to perform the best possible correction available to fix the error. If the fix is not satisfactory the user can undo the change and/or try another suggestion. Sometimes multiple corrections have to be applied to clear all the errors.

flag errors

Once the errors have been corrected, CSV Studio can export a new CSV file which can be ingested easily by a regular spreadsheet or database.


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